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January February
"Winter scene in the country"
From Canadian Illustrated News (Hamilton), Dec. 20, 1862
Image - Fishing scene
"Chippeway Indians fishing in the ice on the shore of Lake Huron," from The Penny Magazine, June 3, 1837.
March April

“It’s maple syrup time in Quebec,” from a painting by J.W. Beatty. Canadian Home Journal, March 1920.

seed catalogue

Whatever the century – 19th or 21st – seed catalogues help Canadians plan their kitchen gardens for spring planting.

Click on diagram for an enlarged image.

May June
The first crop of rhubarb in a Toronto garden, in May, often called "Pie Plant" in the 19th century because of its common use

Fresh lettuce for a May salad

Photo of telegraph peas

Telegraph Peas ready for picking at Doon Heritage Crossroads in Kitchener, Ontario

July August
Nasturtium seed pods

Pickled nasturtium capers

Start looking for the nasturtium pods in July, and as they continue to form through August and September. Pick them while they are green – almost as soon as you notice them, as they grow very quickly from when the petals drop off until they are pea-size. Click caption or photo for recipes.

Haberno image  [jpg 12K]

The globetrotting chili that has fired world cuisines is an essential spicing ingredient in Caribbean cooking. These are growing in a Canadian garden for home consumption. The fruits are still immature and therefore green in color. They will change from green to a vivid red as they mature.

Click on the photo for more information about the habanero

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