Canadian Cooking Challenge, June 2020

Since we’ve just entered the ’20s, CHC invites members and friends to have a look at two classic Canadian cookbooks current in the 1920s, both written by inductees into the Taste Canada Hall of Fame and both available at the section of our website devoted to Canadian cookbooks online.

  • The Canadian Cookbook by Nellie Lyle Pattison (1879–1953). The Canadian Cook Book was written in 1923 and reprinted 20 times up to 1949, always in a plain blue binding. Produced to meet the need for a recipe book for girls learning domestic science in the new technical schools, the blue cookbook quickly became the textbook in schools nationwide and also a favourite bride’s gift, despite its modest appearance.
  • 350 recettes de cuisine: les écoles ménagères provinciales by Jeanne Anctil (1875–1926). Jeanne Anctil was a teacher of household science and principal of the Ėcoles-Ménagères Provinciales in Montreal. She first published 350 Recettes de Cuisine in 1912; it was reissued in 1915 and 1924. An obituary stated: “Mademoiselle Anctil a su […] montrer la véritable noblesse […] de la vie domestique […] et indiquer à nombre de jeunes filles des directions sensées. Toute la vie fut consacrée au service au siens.” [Mademoiselle Anctil knew how to show the genuine dignity … of domestic life … and to explain sensible [household] management to schoolgirls. All her life was dedicated to the service of others.]

Test one or more recipes and post pictures and comments on our Facebook page on or before Friday, June 19. We look forward to seeing what you discover!

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