Royal Agricultural Winter Fair Canning Competition

Royal Agricultural Winter Fair
Canning Competition

Heritage categories sponsored by the Culinary Historians of Canada


Heritage Jam (Amateur)

  1. Pineapple Jam by Louise Patteson, Cambridge, Ontario
  2. Raspberry Jam by Sue Hilborn, Woodstock, Ontario (from The Canadian Cookbook)

Heritage Jam (Professional)

  1. Calico Peach Pineapple Conserve by Gryphon Ridge Highlands, Niagara On The Lake, Ontario—Champion Heritage Jam (from a handwritten family recipe passed down through at least three generations, pictured above right)
  2. Cranberry and Pear Jam by Henderson Farms, Wolfe Island, Ontario
  3. Black Currant Jam by Marjorie Paddle, Kingston, Ontario

Heritage Pickle (Amateur)

  1. Icicle Pickles by Craig Steven, St. Thomas, Ontario—Champion Heritage Pickle (from a friend’s mother’s handwritten recipe in use for over 60 years, pictured above left)
  2. Grammy’s Beets by Ben Hatcher, Peterborough, Ontario
  3. Kosher Dill Pickles by Sarah Modesto, Etobicoke, Ontario

Heritage Pickle (Professional)

  1. Bread & Butter Pickles by Wendy Mahoney, Warkworth, Ontario
  2. Icicle Pickles by Marjorie Paddle, Kingston, Ontario
  3. Slippery Jacks by Marjorie Paddle, Kingston, Ontario


Heritage Jam (Amateur)

  1. Susanne Tabur, Toronto, Ontario (Apricot Jam)—Champion Heritage Jam
  2. Katy Bell, Thornbury, Ontario (Golden Jam)
  3. Jo-Anne Pulfer, Tottenham, Ontario (Grape Jelly, Depression Era)

Heritage Jam (Professional)

  1. Gryphon Ridge Highlands, Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario (Plum Nutty Jam)
  2. Joanne Holt, Guelph, Ontario (Black Currant Jam)
  3. MarBill Hill Farm, Schomberg, Ontario (Peach & Orange Marmalade from the 1962 edition of the Five Roses Cook Book)

Heritage Pickle (Amateur)

  1. Ben Hatcher, Peterborough, Ontario (Holiday Table Bread and Butters)
  2. Sarah Modesto, Etobicoke, Ontario (Kosher Dill Pickles)
  3. Ben Hatcher, Peterborough, Ontario (Special Occasion Mustard Pickles)

Heritage Pickle (Professional)

  1. Joanne Holt, Guelph, Ontario (Icicle Pickles)—Champion Heritage Pickle
  2. Joanne Holt, Guelph, Ontario (Bread and Butter Pickles)
  3. Joanne Holt, Guelph, Ontario (Watermelon Rind Pickles)


Heritage Jam (Professional)

  1. Wendy Mahoney of Warkworth, Ontario (Heritage Raspberry Jam from her grandmother’s recipe).
  2. Okhotsk Jam Club of Monbetsu-Shi, Hokkaido, Japan (Rose Petal Jam from La scienza in cucina e l’arte di mangiar bene, or Science in the Kitchen and the Art of Eating Well by Pellegrino Artusi, 1891).
  3. Henderson Farms of Wolfe Island, Ontario (Confiture de cassis épépinées, which means Seedless Black Currant Jelly, from the Livre de cuisine de Boston. École de Cuisine de Boston, the French-language version of the Boston CookingSchool Cook Book by Fannie Farmer, first published in 1896).

Heritage Jam (Amateur)

  1. Mya Sangster of Toronto (“To Make Black Currant Jam” from The Experienced English Housekeeper by Mrs. Raffald, originally published in 1769. We wanted toast with this deliciously tart and chewy preserve!)
  2. Paul Barrie of Toronto (Pure Raspberry Jam, probably made with mixed red and black berries, from Pickles and Preserves by Marion Brown, 1955).
  3. Kim Hinton of Toronto (Citrus Ginger Wine Marmalade, a family recipe from 1902).

Heritage Pickling (Professional)

  1. Joanne Holt of Guelph, Ontario (Icicle Pickles from The Purity Cook-Book, 1930).
  2. Alexandra Camm, Perth, Ontario (Icicle Pickles from a family recipe by “Aunt Jessie,” 1897-1987).
  3. Wendy Mahoney, Warkworth, Ontario (Bread & Butter Pickles, an Amish recipe from “Mrs. Swatzentraber”).
Heritage Pickling (Amateur)
  1. Rodger J. Beatty of St. Catharines, Ontario (Bread and Butter Pickles from The All New Purity Cook Book: A Complete Book of Canadian Cooking, revised edition, 1967, edited by Anna Lee Scott).
  2. Wanda Aultman of Powassan, Ontario (Pickled Baby Corn from Food That Really Schmecks by Edna Staebler, 1968).
  3. Natalia Lobach of Etobicoke, Ontario (Pickled Cherries, contributed by “Miss Mary Braun, Victoria, B.C.” to The Mennonite Treasury of Recipes, Steinbach, Manitoba, 1962).


Heritage Jam (Professional)
  1. Robert Henderson, Henderson Farms: Apple & Raspberry Jam.
  2. Wendy Mahoney: Raspberry Jam.
  3. Joanne Holt: Black Currant Jam.

Heritage Jam (Amateur)

  1. Anna Veda Karlo: Mrs. Beeton’s Strawberry Jam (Mrs Beeton’s Book of Household Management, 1861).
  2. Katy Bell: Her Grandma Harrison’s Cranberry Jam, probably based on the recipe for Cranberry Relish by Evyleen M. Reid in the Dromore Ladies’ Aid society cookbook (Amos Presbyterian Church, Dromore, Ontario, 1964).
  3. Florian & Jody Boehm: Heritage Wild Blackberry Jam (Regensburger Kochbuch by Marie Schandri, Regensburg, Germany 1907)—made with handpicked wild blackberries from Harrisburg, Connecticut.

Heritage Pickling (Professional

  1. Joanne Holt Rhubarb Relish from a 1917 recipe.
  2. Wendy Mahoney: Bread & Butter Pickles.

Heritage Pickling (Amateur)

  1. Ben Hatcher: Quebec-Style Mustard Pickles from a handwritten family recipe.
  2. Ben Hatcher: Beets with Winter Spices from a handwritten family recipe.
  3. Wanda Aultman: Pickled Baby Corn from an original Mennonite recipe.


Heritage Jam (professional)

  1. Joanne Holt, Guelph, Ontario (Apricot Jam with Lemon Juice – Complete Cookery by Lilian Mattingly, 1946)
  2. Okhotsk Jam Club, Mombetsu-Shi, Japan (Red Currant Jelly – A Collection of Receipts in Cookery, Physyk & Surgery by Several Hands, 5th edition, 1734)
  3. Wendy Mahoney, Warkworth, Ontario (Raspberry Jam – family recipe)

Heritage Jam (amateur)

  1. Tom Boyd, Toronto (Carrot Marmalade – Tasty Kitchen, A Happy Recipe Community, a blog by Rachel Cleveland)
  2. Zack Wolske, Toronto (Apple Jelly from “Mrs. McDonald” – The New Galt Cookbook, 1898)
  3. Well Preserved Farm, Toronto (Gooseberry Jam, Fannie Farmer’s Boston Cooking School Cook Book, 1946, French-language edition)

Heritage Pickling (professional)

  1. Joanne Holt, Guelph, Ontario (Bread & Butter Pickles – CCPF Cookbook, pre-1945)
  2. Wendy Mahoney, Warkworth, Ontario (Bread & Butter Pickles – traditional Amish recipe)

Heritage Pickling (amateur)

  1. Tom Boyd, Toronto (Mum’s Baby Bread & Butter Pickles – Better Homes & Gardens Cookbook, 1953)
  2. Cristan Farms, Oakville, Ontario (Red Pickled Beets – Women’s Home Companion Cookbook, 1942, 1943)
  3. Hayley Craig-Barnes, East York, Ontario (Pickled Watermelon Rind – family recipe)


Heritage Jam (professional)

  1. Gagetown Fruit Farm, Gagetown, New Brunswick
  2. Henderson Farms, Wolfe Island, Ontario

Heritage Jam (amateur)

  1. Jan Freedman, Aurora, Ontario
  2. Kim Hinton, Toronto
  3. Anna Veda Karlo, New York, NY

Heritage Pickling (professional)

  1. Joanne Holt, Guelph, Ontario
  2. Tamarack Farms, Warkworth, Ontario

Heritage Jam (amateur)

  1. Irene Wilson, Rockwood, Ontario (Premier Pickle Exhibitor & Champion Heritage Pickle)
  2. Cristan Farms, Oakville, Ontario
  3. Jan Freedman, Aurora, Ontario


Heritage Jam (professional)

  1. Robert Henderson: Apple and Raspberry Jam
  2. Joanne Holt: Black Currant Jam
  3. Heather Rhymes: Apple Butter

Heritage Jam (amateur)

  1. Caroline Loucks: Raspberry Jam
  2. Caroline Loucks: Strawberry Jam
  3. Caroline Loucks: Apricot Jam

Heritage Pickling

  1. Tom Boyd: Nine-Day Sweet and Crisp Cucumber Pickles
  2. Natalia Lobach: Watermelon Pickle
  3. Adele Schroder: Gram B’s Mustard Pickles


Heritage Jam

  1. Patricia Griesser (Oma’s Raspberry Jam)
  2. Mya Sangster (Damson Jam)
  3. Felicite Morgan (Strawberry Jam)

Heritage Pickling Class

  1. Joanne Holt (Pickled Beets)
  2. Cristian Farms (Pickled Beets)
  3. Tom Boyd (Aunt Edna Thompson’s Icicle Pickles)