Culinary Landmarks 1909

Culinary landmarks, or, half-hours with Sault Ste. Marie housewives

Third Edition, revised and enlarged. Sault Ste Marie: St. Luke’s Woman’s Auxiliary, 1909. 208p. (Driver O84.1)

St. Luke’s Anglican Cathedral was established in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, in 1870. No copies of the first (1898) and second (1904) editions of Culinary landmarks have come to light. The preface is signed by Annie M. Reid, president of the Woman’s Auxiliary.

Most of the recipes are signed by the contributors who include Miss Gertrude and Mrs. B. J. Clergue whose cookbook British, French, Italian, Russian, Belgian cookery (Montreal: 1916) was widely distributed during World War I. From the Preface: “It is not a haphazard collection gathered at random, but has been made up from the choicest bits of the best experience of the members of St. Luke’s Woman’s Auxiliary and their friends.”

Index to recipes p. 201 to 204. Illustrated advertisements throughout.

Prize Doughnuts
One cup of sugar, one cup of milk;
Two eggs beaten fine as silk.
Salt and nutmeg (lemon’ll do);
Of baking powder, teaspoons two.
Lightly stir the flour in;
Roll on pie board not too thin;
Cut in diamonds, twists or rings
Drop with care the doughy things
Into fat that briskly swells
Evenly the spongy cells.
Watch with care the time for turning;
Fry them brown – just short of burning.
Roll in sugar, serve when cool,
Price – a quarter for this rule. (p.126)

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