United Farmers 1940

United Farmers of Canada, Saskatchewan Section Limited. Cook book

[Saskatoon]: 1940. 158p. (Driver S82.1)

The inspiration behind publishing the cookbook was Farm Women’s Week held at the University of Saskatchewan in June of 1939. Mrs. Mabel Bradley, President , outlined the aims and objectives of the Women’s Section: “Home conditions, after all, on the farm form the basis of the entire agricultural industry … The women membership of the U.F.C. and the officials seek legislative and economic changes which will make improvement in our home life possible.”

The names and towns of contributors are noted with each recipe, and can be searched. The cookbook was probably published in Saskatoon where the Central Office of the Saskatchewan Section was located.

The United Farmers of Canada was a radical farmers’ organization. It was established in 1926 as the United Farmers of Canada (Saskatchewan Section) having merged with the Farmers’ Union of Canada and the Saskatchewan Grain Growers Association. The name United Farmers came from movements that had been established to run for election, in some cases taking power, e.g. in Ontario and Alberta. The Saskatchewan Section became more militant and decided to enter electoral politics on a socialist platform. By the 1940s it was affiliated with the new Co-operative Commonwealth Federation which became the Saskatchewan CCF, taking power in 1944. In 1949 the Saskatchewan Section became the Saskatchewan Farmers’ Union.

“It’s always the case with a saint or a sinner
To be on hand in time for his dinner
But woe unto the maid, who forgets the meat,
For if it is lacking, he will not eat.” (p.68)

The digitization of the cookbook has been sponsored by Keith McLeod.