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Tuesday, July 27, 7 p.m. EDT

Mrs. Dalgairns’s Kitchen

Culinary historian and CHC honorary lifetime member Mary F. Williamson will talk about her new book, Mrs. Dalgairns’s Kitchen: Rediscovering “The Practice of Cookery,” an in-depth look at a cookbook first published in 1829. Mary will be joined by Elizabeth Baird, who adapted some of the recipes in the book for modern kitchens. Baird—who found Dalgairn’s recipes extremely practical—will demonstrate two of the updated recipes. A question-and-answer session with both women will follow.

When The Practice of Cookery first appeared in 1829, reviewers went into ecstasies, and it was a top seller for nearly 30 years, until it was finally eclipsed by Mrs. Beeton’s famous cookbook. Mrs. Dalgairns was thought by her contemporaries to be Scottish, but she had lived for over 20 years on Prince Edward Island. In Mrs. Dalgairns’s Kitchen, Mary Williamson reclaims Dalgairns’ and her book’s Canadian roots.

In addition to the author’s experience of Acadian and Mi’kmaq foodways, Mrs. Dalgairns lived in Scotland for a number of years and added recipes from there to her repertoire. Her mother had come from Boston, inspiring the cookbook’s several American recipes; Dalgairns’s brothers-in-law lived in India, as reflected in the chapter devoted to curry recipes.

Admission: $19.10 (general); $11.34 (CHC members). Tickets are available on Eventbrite.

Sunday, September 26

Annual General Meeting

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